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  • callmeben

    Don’t be fooled by the fake review sites. This is a tiny bar and unless you are willing to pay top prices you won’t get to see much flesh. On the plus side, there are no hidden costs. We took the Silver package which gave us free drinks for 1.5 hours, and our glassed where replaced as soon as they were empty.
    The stage is about the size of a car bonnet and most of the time we had to watch the same girl gyrate against the pole but never remove any of her clothes. Every now and then another girl would do a quick 3 mins on stage and if we were lucky she would go topless just before the end.
    They have a price list for private dances, starting at 6,000 HUF for 6 min and 11,000 HUF for 11 min, however the girls are not interested in these. Minimum we were quote was 22,000 HUF. One girl was really pushy and got quite angry with one of our group for not wanting a dance. He was very ill just after we left the place and we wondered if his drink had been tampered with.
    We did drink enough to cover the deal we paid for, but if you are looking to see strippers and are not rolling in money then I would go to another club.

    on February 24, 2020 Log in to Reply