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Spearmint Rhino in Sheffield can’t show any logo or sign during day hours

June 6, 2018

Spearmint Rhino in Sheffield

Spearmint Rhino in Sheffield is no longer allowed to leaflet around the city, and no signage advertising the venue may be exhibited outside of trading hours. 1st phase has been that they can’t show any logo or sign during day hours. At 10pm the club put a sign up and then at 4am they take it down again. On 19th they will have Sheffield review renewal and then on 25th there will be court challenge so if renew is passed court will discuss case against forcing them closed.

If the club is granted its operating licence, which has to be reviewed yearly, the club could still be closed if the judicial review – set to take place on June 25 – rules that the city council has acted unlawfully in granting the licence. Last year nearly 100 people objected to the club – including Green Councillor Alison Teal, who said she would once again call for the council to withdraw the licence.

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