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Gentlemen clubs in France

December 5, 2016

Gentlemen clubs in France

Gentlemen clubs in France has a variety of nude entertainment. Traditional lap dancing clubs to the world famous Crazy Horse show and the Moulin Rouge show in Paris. Paris is a major worldwide tourist destination and has a lot of people passing through all of the time. France also has very wealthy pockets in the French Riviera and the Alps. This makes it possible to make good money outside of the capital.

There are almost two completely different styles with Gentlemen clubs in France. Paris runs on the ‘lap dance system‘. Girls make all of their money on table dances or private shows, dependent on what the specific club offer, as venues do not pay commission on drinks. Parisian clubs have high numbers of dancers, with no fixed salary offered, in large venues. Conversely, clubs outside of Paris offer drinks commission and embrace the typical European ‘Champagne System‘. Clubs keep dancer numbers low and pay fixed salaries. There is a high standard to work in strip clubs in France. English is expected as a primary language in most countries worldwide, with secondary languages beneficial. However, clubs outside of Paris expect French from dancers.

Attitudes to Gentlemen clubs in France

The Crazy Horse show had the famous shoe designer, Christian Louboutin as it’s artistic director. However, strip clubs are controversial. Stripping in France is not considered particularly socially acceptable. This is surprising with The Crazy Horse and Moulin Rouge being hugely popular tourist draws attracting both men and women. A prevailing attitude within the country is, there is no difference between stripping and full prostitution. Gentlemen clubs in France are not dispersed throughout the country like in neighbouring countries such as the UK and Germany, but are concentrated in pockets outside of the capital. Many dancers travel in from outside France.

Prostitution is illegal in France. This only happened relatively recently in April 2016. Until this point selling sex was legal. However, profiteering, such as running a brothel or pimping was not. As a result, you will not find sex in strip clubs in France.

Locations of Gentlemen clubs in France

Paris has a very large number of clubs including branches of international chains such as  Penthouse . Pink Paradise is also a very large club in central Paris, right near the Champs Elysees. Towards the south and the Alps region, Nice has Boa Gentlemens Club, Beausoleil has Stars Club, Grenoble has Palazzo, Chambery has Le Gamour and Nantes has Le Strip Cafe. Finally, to the west, Toulouse has Le Pink Palace.

Information about France

France is the largest country in the European Union with a population of 67 million people. It is the most popular tourist destination in the world with 83.7 million visitors in 2014. These visitors are throughout France, but especially in Paris, the wine regions and the Alps. France has Europes highest summit in the form of Mont Blanc and this is what attracts many thrill seekers to experience the hiking in the summer and skiing and snow boarding in the winter. These sheer numbers means that strip clubs in France are not dependant on local custom by any means.

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