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Gentlemen clubs in Copenhagen

February 5, 2017

Gentlemen clubs in Copenhagen

Gentlemen clubs in Copenhagen; Copenhagen is the largest city and the capital of Denmark. It has a reputation as a bohemian and lively city with great restaurants, nightlife, shopping and cafes. In line with other Scandinavian countries, it is not a cheap city and so clients need to be prepared to spend for their entertainment, both adult and general.

Patrons of Gentlemen clubs in Copenhagen are expected to buy dancers bottles or ladies drinks in order to gain the time of the dancer as the clubs operate on the ‘Champagne System’. Private shows are also offered, with prices starting at around 1000DKK.

Stage and pole shows are common in Gentlemen clubs in Copenhagen, though tipping is not standard. Dancers will dance in what they are wearing already without specific costumes and props. Dancers in strip clubs in Denmark will commonly go full nude in stage shows. These are not of significant length, maybe one or two songs.

If customers buy at least a ladies drink, they will find they have less pressure from the offset to get private shows immediately, even more so if they buy a bottle.  Girls working in strip clubs in Denmark will generally get to know the customer a little more. As long as the customer is paying for her time with drinks. It is of a slower pace with larger final sale with the dances being a lot more expensive than other countries. Most of the profit for the girl does, however, come from the privates so there is an expectation to take a show at some point.

Locations of Gentlemen clubs in Copenhagen

Well known Gentlemen clubs in Copenhagen are:

Legalities of Gentlemen clubs in Copenhagen

Denmark is a little different in attitude to strip clubs than the rest of Scandinavia as a whole. Feminist lobbies haven’t targeted strip clubs in Denmark to the same degree and success as they have managed to in the neighbouring countries of Norway and Sweden. Prostitution is legal. Care must be taken when booking a contract that the club is purely striptease. Customers can book out girls in a lot of strip clubs in Copenhagen. The girls discretion is what dictates what happens once off the premises. It is unlikely that any extras happen onsite. This is because profiteering from prostitution is illegal, namely brothels and pimping is not allowed. There are, however, clean clubs available with purely dancers where girls work only in the venue. No allowances outside of dancing are available in the private rooms.

Clubs will offer compensation for stage shows and a fixed salary is not unusual. Dancer numbers are kept fairly low as payment is offered.

Some information about Denmark

Denmark has a population of 5.61 million people. Copenhagen is the most populous with 1.18 million people. Copenhagen has the highest concentration of Michelin starred restaurants in Scandinavia making it a fine dining mecca. Good quality clientele come to the city and what it has to offer as this is not cheap!

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