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Gentlemen clubs in Latvia Guide and Advice

February 8, 2017

Gentlemen clubs in Latvia

Gentlemen clubs in Latvia, like those in Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic, have long been an attractive stage party destination, especially for the British. With many budget airlines servicing the region, cheap alcohol, and beautiful women, it’s no wonder that men flock to the capital, Riga, to enjoy the nightlife. They can be safe in the knowledge their money goes very far, in comparison to Western Europe stag destinations such as Amsterdam, Berlin and Barcelona.  This can also be negative. Now the local authorities have decided to dedicate a police section to primarily deal with the problems stag parties bring. They have made it clear they aren’t welcome. Conversely, it is also very common to find wealthy Russian’s enjoying the shows, drinks and dances as many people in Latvia also speak Russian.

Gentlemen clubs in Latvia work on the ‘Champagne system‘. Drinks and lap dances are sold by the girls and customers are expected to indulge. There are many warnings and reviews highlighting the dangers of not checking prices before agreement. Latvia has, unfortunately, gained a hugely negative reputation due to unscrupulous club owners and clientele can have large amounts of money disappear. Many people have been caught out with these scams. With this in mind, therefore, customers should make sure they have everything they want to budget for the night and leave the cards at home. If cards are necessary, then avoid handing them over in the bars. Crucially, always ensure dance or drinks prices are completely agreed first to avoid any altercations at the end of the night.

Like a lot of major cities, there is an array of club styles from high end venues to smaller, rougher places. Most of the clubs have nude girls doing stage shows on rotation.

Prostitution legal and regulated in Latvia. Workers are required to do regular, certified health screenings. Some clubs will have girls offering sexual service and ‘jacuzzi dances’ are unsurprising. There are clubs and girls that offer more than a lap dance. Therefore, care should be taken when entering venues with no research.

What to find in Gentlemen clubs in Latvia

Gentlemen clubs in Latvia attracts girls from Eastern Europe and Russia. This is mainly due to the abundance of Russian speakers in the region. It shares a border with Russia as well as Estonia, Lithuania and Belarus. There is also a maritime border shared with Sweden. Latvia is one of the three Baltic states.

Latvia is only very recently a Euro country. However, prices are still a little low compared to other countries. For western European dancers, earning at these rates is not viable to pay bills in their home countries. It is not very common to find German, French, British or other nationalities from this region in strip clubs in Latvia.

Locations of Gentlemen clubs in Latvia

Riga, the capital has the largest concentration of Gentlemen clubs in Latvia, including:-

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