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Gentlemen clubs in Riga Guide and Advice

February 18, 2017

Gentlemen clubs in Riga

Gentlemen clubs in Riga, the capital and biggest city in Latvia, have large numbers of visitors. Riga has been an attractive stage party destination for a very long time, especially so for the British. Budget airlines service the area in large numbers as there is huge demand. The beautiful women are the draw combined with the cheap alcohol and huge availability of organised stag tours.

It’s no wonder that men flock to the capital, Riga, to enjoy the nightlife. Their money goes very far. Especially, in comparison to Western Europe stag destinations such as Amsterdam, Berlin and Barcelona.  Unfortunately, a lot drink related crimes and negative behaviour is the downside to this. Consequently, the local authorities have had to dedicate a police section to primarily deal with the problems stag parties bring. They have made it clear they aren’t welcome. Conversely, many people in Latvia speak Russian so it is very common to find rich Russian’s enjoying the shows in strip clubs in Riga. These are met with a more positive response than the bachelor parties.

Information about Gentlemen clubs in Riga

Gentlemen clubs in Riga a work on the ‘Champagne system‘. Customers treat the girls to drinks and enjoy lap dances. The strippers make commission on this. There are many warnings and reviews highlighting the dangers of not checking prices before agreement. Riga has, unfortunately, gained a bad reputation because of unscrupulous club owners. Clientele can have large amounts of money disappear and it is strongly advised that all transactions are checked. A lot of it occurs on credit cards so it is recommended customers just use cash in the gentlemen’s clubs in Riga. Many people have been caught out with these scams. If using a credit card is unavoidable, then try not to hand them over in the bars. Crucially, agree any dance and drink prices beforehand to avoid any conflict or accusations at the end.

Like most other capital cities, Gentlemen clubs in Riga come in a variety of forms. You can find anything from high end champagne clubs to low end strip bars. Nude girls do stage shows on rotation in the majority of the clubs. This is at both ends of the spectrum.

Latvia has legalised and, therefore, regulates prostitution. The government requires all sex workers to have health certificates proving they have full, regular screening. There are strip clubs in Riga that have girls offering a lot more than a lap dance. There are also clubs that provide ‘jacuzzi shows’. To avoid any confusion, research is advised beforehand to prevent problems.

The girls in Gentlemen clubs in Riga

Eastern European and Russian girls are the main type you will find in strip clubs in Riga. A lot of this is due to the abundance of Russian speakers in Latvia and the surrounding countries of Russia, Belarus, Lithuania and Estonia. The latter two countries and Latvia make up the Baltic states.

Latvia uses the Euro, although this is very recent. However, prices are still lower than other countries using the currency. For western European strippers, the commission rates earned in gentlemen’s clubs here is not viable to pay bills in their home countries. You won’t find many, if any at all, German, French, British or Scandinavians dancers in strip clubs in Latvia.

Locations of Gentlemen clubs in Riga

Riga, the capital has the largest concentration of Gentlemen clubs in Riga, including:-

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