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Gentlemen clubs in Manchester

February 27, 2017

Gentlemen clubs in Manchester

Gentlemen clubs in Manchester are a popular night time entertainment choice for residents and visitors alike. One of the UK’s most popular cities, a destination with a very vibrant nightlife scene. Manchester is an ever changing city, with a diverse population and a constant stream of visitors. It is home to the BBC’s media city and two of the country’s biggest football clubs. It has also hosted the Labour and Conservative party conferences over the past few years. One of the advantages of working in or visiting Manchester is the close proximity of the main attractions and the ease of travel between them. This is due to a well thought out road and travel network that’s user friendly to visitors.

You will find Gentlemen clubs in Manchester unique in terms of working environment and atmosphere compared to venues overseas. Lap dances are the main focus, or private shows. The lap dancing clubs showcase very little on the main floor. You will find a rotation of dancers on stage, although normally with very little of the showmanship found abroad. Girls have drinks at the same price as the clientele as there is no commission from champagne or drinks sales going to the dancers; one of the main difference compared with European counterparts. Dancers earn their money in the private rooms as this is where the majority of money is spent.

System of Gentlemen clubs in Manchester

Gentlemen clubs in Manchester, like the rest of the UK, run on the lap dance system. You will rarely find drinks commission and no fixed salary. The dancer pays the club either or a small percentage from any dances sold or a house fee. The dancer keeps the rest. Dancing in Manchester can be a little more aggressive than champagne clubs and is certainly faster paced. However, no two venues are alike in Manchester. Some girls find the fast pace advantageous. Favouring lots of small dances adding up as opposed to trying to make a big sale to make their nights earnings worthwhile. Girls can drink alcohol if they wish but this isn’t an expectation.

Few Gentlemen clubs in Manchester have stage shows. Some clubs don’t have a stage at all. Some make a big fuss of stag shows, definitely a big part of the Manchester clientele . Pole shows, if they occur, are normally topless and last one or two songs. Clubs do not usually present full nude out on the club floor. It’s rare to find a feature show in this city.

Strip clubs in Manchester allow dancers to make their money purely from private shows so this is where their efforts are focused. Girls are under less pressure from management to hit targets. However, there is a lot of competition from other girls. Consequently, dancers have to be very self-motivated to capitalise in this kind of environment as any time spent on the floor waiting for the next lap dance or private show is for free, or paid for.

Locations of Gentlemen clubs in Manchester

Finally, gentlemen’s clubs in Manchester concentrate around the city centre:-

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