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Gentlemen Clubs in Manitoba

August 1, 2017

Gentlemen Clubs in ManitobaManitoba is in the centre of Canada. It is the fifth most populated province in the country and one of the three prairie provinces. The capital is Winnipeg. The US states of North Dakota and Minnesota are along the southern border. The state is rich in natural resources, therefore, this is what the economy is based on. Manitoba has enjoyed financial growth in recent years and it is moderately strong. Like the surrounding states, Manitoba is reliant on mining, forestry, agriculture, oil and tourism. Most of the sunflower seeds and dried beans in the country come from here. The province has a deep sea Arctic seaport, in Churchill, which provides the shortest shipping link between North America and Europe and Asia. Manitoba also has a significant number of Canadian military bases in the region. English and French are the official languages. Manitoba’s position as a major hub between Canada and the US means that gentlemen Clubs in Manitoba are extremely popular. The stable economy and thriving industry present contributes to reasonably low unemployment giving a larger pool of potential clientele.

Gentlemen Clubs in Manitoba work, predominantly, on the ‘lap dance system‘. Girls will pay tip outs to club staff or pay the club a set fee in order to work. A small number of venues charge a percentage. None will pay a set wage. Like many strip clubs in Canada, gentlemen’s clubs in Manitoba will open through the day and night. Day shifts are quieter than at night time and some clubs will have higher specifications for girls wishing to work the night shifts.

Stage shows in Gentlemen Clubs in Manitoba

There is a division amongst the girls between club dancers and feature performers. Club dancers will do a rotation on the stage through the night, in between selling lap dances. Feature performers are not necessarily lap dancers but some do both. Furthermore, contracts for feature dancers often include venues outside of the club and this can be gruelling for the girls, with long days. Summertime, in the prairie climate can add an extra element. Some contracts can incorporate up to 40 shows a week, therefore, many just concentrate on their performances and skip the club sales. Feature shows are normally of 15-18 minutes in length and are themed. The costumes can be extremely elaborate, as can the props. Many showgirls will specialised in performance techniques such as fire breathing, pole work or silks. Feature dancers will often compete for national titles and the payment system is graduated.

Legalities of Gentlemen Clubs in Manitoba

Prostitution is legal to sell but illegal to buy in Canada. Lap dancing clubs in Manitoba are licensed venues, so the authorities regulate them. Manitoba law states that dancers must have their bums covered on the club floor but baring all is fine on stage. Touching is not acceptable in Gentlemen Clubs in Manitoba. Most of the girls working are local or travelled from other provinces. Furthermore, it is extremely hard for international dancers to get work, due to very strict visa restrictions.

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