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    57 rue Fort Neipperg L-2230 Luxembourg
    Welcome to our cabarets FOLLIE'S CLUB and SHOWGIRLS Luxembourg-Gare.We welcome you every day week from 14 pm until dawn.

    Rue Joseph Junck 20-22 Luxembourg, 1839 Luxembourg
    Chez Alex in Luxembourg has not got much information to give, so if anyone has been here, please leave a…
  • Diamond Club

    43, Zone Industrielle L-9099 Ingeldorf
    [vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]The Night Club “Diamond Club” has created on the experience and attention: Striptease, topless and erotic, a great choice of high quality…

    5, rue de Noertzange L-3341 Huncherange Luxembourg
    The Joy Night Club offers a sensual entertainment for modern men.At Joy Night Club we are proud to offer a…

    16-18 rue d'Audun Esch-sur-Alzette, Esch-sur-Alzette L-4018 Luxembourg
    Kiss Club Since 1996 in harmony pretty girls who you yours company. Mike opens it doors are the biggest club…

    13 rue Dicks Luxembourg, Luxembourg L-1417 Luxembourg
    Saumur Crystal Club: his strip club! comfortable seats, private rooms and VIP mezzanine, our space dedicated to striptease and pole…

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Guide and advice to the best Strip Clubs in Luxembourg.

Strip Clubs in Luxembourg has always been a lucrative business for both strippers and Gentleman Club owners in, since this is one of the money capitals in the world.

This small country can offer som nice upscale Clubs. like many other typical European Strip club concepts are these are what we often call Champagne clubs. Where you can buy Champagne for the dancer for her to spend time with you at your table or in "Champagne VIP Rooms". In addition to that you can pay extra to get private strip shows in private rooms at the club. The strip clubs in Luxembourg has dancers from all over Europe working there and the working rules are the same as for other European countries. Since its a very small country, more like a capital city, you will not find that many Gentlemens Clubs in Luxembourg. Escort services and brothels are also very common in Luxembourg.

With many people living, working and visiting; averaging a very high net worth, there is a lot of money flying around the strip clubs in Luxembourg. Therefore, this makes Luxembourg a very attractive location for dancers to work. It reflects on the expectations from the clubs in the quality of the girls they offer places to.

Strip clubs in Luxembourg run on the 'Champagne System'. Consequently, with this system and the general demographic of clientele, there is very much an emphasis on sit-downs, bottles and the stage. There is, consequently, a very VIP atmosphere within the clubs. The high standards in the area and within the clubs mean that single dances are not as popular. Private dance prices tend to start at around €25 for a song. Dancers drink's start at around €30.

Dancers go topless on stage and there is normally a continuous rotation throughout the night.

Clubs pay the girls a fixed nightly salary of around €60 so management keep numbers fairly low. Additionally, commission paid to dancers can be target based. Strip clubs in Luxembourg offer higher payment per dance after achieving a set amount in sales from Champagne and dances combined. Luxembourg has very similar prostitution laws to Denmark, whereby, prostitution is legal but a third party is not allowed to benefit. Furthermore, brothels are illegal. Lawmakers are currently in the process of overhauling the system. Mainly, to try and combat human trafficking situations (source here) so things could change in the near future. Some clubs will allow book outs to circumnavigate the legalities and this should be factored in with club choices.  Individual dancers decide on contact as there are variations on touching policies club to club.

Where are the strip clubs in Luxembourg?

Luxembourg is such a small country, that the strip clubs, therefore, all concentrate in the capital, Luxembourg City. Saumur Crystal is very popular amongst dancers and clients and there is also Joy Nightclub, Kiss, Cabaret Follies, Chez Alex and Diamond.

Information about Luxembourg

Luxembourg is the 7th smallest country in Europe covering an area of only 2,586km squared. Furthermore, Luxembourg has a relatively small population of nearly 570,000 people. However, that doesn't mean it needs to be underestimated.It is a major business and financial centre, and also a tax haven. Strip clubs in Luxembourg can be major players in terms of earnings and quality for a number of reasons. (source)

Luxembourg is the second richest country in the world, after Qatar, with a GDP of $89,400 per capita.

This is according to the World Bank and International Monetary Fund.  Residents can boast the highest minimum wage in Europe with workers earning a minimum of €1,920 per month. (source) Nearly half of the permanent residents in Luxembourg are foreign. They are attracted to the country for the high salaries and standard of living. Economic migrants are plentiful and, consequently, the dancers are no different. Luxembourgers are often tri-lingual, speaking English, French and German. Therefore, dancers of many different nationalities can work in strip clubs in Luxembourg and have few communication issues. (source)