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  • Shawnthesheep

    They will try every trick in the book to get your money. VIP rooms with ever escalating costs where at least half the time is spent arguing about additional charges for drinks, more private rooms without camera surveillance (supposedly). Promises of nights of passion in your hotel room when they would give you back half of the exorbitant sum they took from you and no one turns up and the phone number they gave you doesn’t work (“I lost my mobile because I was so drunk”). Or they promise to take you to their apartment after they finish and ask for your phone number, protesting later that you wrote it down wrong. They ply you with “free” shots with a view to knocking down your defences. The majority of the girls are not attractive and are very forceful. Those that are good looking have been well trained in the art of persuasion. They are manipulative, deceitful, fraudsters preying on men’s basic instincts with no thought for the consequences to their victims. It’s difficult to understand how they justify this to themselves. It’s not Girl Power or a blow for feminism, it’s just as much exploitation of the punters as they are being exploited by their bosses. They should be ashamed. Steer clear.

    on February 9, 2019 Log in to Reply
  • john88

    Scam Alert. Got drugged in this club. They almost killed me. They use chip and pin device to steal money from your account. Report this to the Malta police when it happens to you.

    on September 30, 2017 Log in to Reply
    • Jlad77

      Same happened to me I also blatantly remember signing something did anyone else have to sign something?

      on January 14, 2019 Log in to Reply
    • Dave56

      Has anyone been able to get there money back? same thing happened to me and bank saying it’s my fault.

      on April 30, 2018 Log in to Reply
      • rodo78

        I wish I had done my homework and at least check over the internet before going to that place; they scammed me in the very same way: drugged in the drinks and then constant charges pin and chip. I contacted the Maltese police to no avail. They took me for over 3000 Euros. I’m going to the bank tomorrow and see what can be done, but not a lot of hopes up. If you’re reading this: DO NOT GO TO THIS PLACE, EVER!

        on May 4, 2018 Log in to Reply
    • nede78

      Hi John, same happened to me. I believe I was drugged and they did the same re chip and pin to quite an extreme level. Is there a way I can contact you in private to discuss?

      on October 17, 2017 Log in to Reply
      • Mela

        You can contact the police but they will do nothing. The police are corrupt in Malta and the stripclubs and bouncers are all on first name terms with the police.
        You can find police officers drinking on the house in these clubs.

        Still, its worth reporting it to the police and inform your bank of the case number.

        The owner of the club is Carmelo Sciberras and his romanian partner Ionela Iordache. Just google their names in relation to relation to human trafficking that will tell you all you need to know with what you’re up against.

        on October 20, 2017 Log in to Reply
  • danni47

    I just went to this nightclub 3 weeks ago and had $4000 stolen from all my bank accounts in my wallet!!! Don’t go to this strip club!!!

    on November 15, 2016 Log in to Reply
    • alex88

      has something similar happened to me that i have to do?how can i get in touch with them?thank you very much

      on September 11, 2017 Log in to Reply
    • OliverS

      Another victim here. Have been there in december and they ripped me off. 1000 Euro stolen from bank account.

      on January 4, 2017 Log in to Reply
      • Mela

        Be sure to go to the police and report it. The more pressure on these parasites the better.

        on January 16, 2017 Log in to Reply
    • Mela

      Danni47 i had the same issue in October. Went to the police and still waiting to here back from them.

      on December 17, 2016 Log in to Reply