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Strip Club Etiquette and Manners

July 31, 2018
Strip Club Etiquette and Manners

Strip Club Etiquette and Manners are important factors to remember and follow when you visit a Gentlemens club.

Strip Club Etiquette and Manners are important factors when you visit any Gentlemen club. For a long time – and even today still – strippers have a negative stereotype in our society for their choice of work. Granted, being a stripper may not be someone’s first choice of work due to the various aspects of the job: hustling, being in constant competition with fellow strippers, flaunting your sexuality to strangers and so forth.

The one key thing to remember here is that stripping is a (legal) job and, for many, a part-time or full-time career that can lead into club management or another higher position within the adult entertainment industry. That being said, strippers demand and deserve your respect, just as you would give a doctor, bartender, valet, landscaper or any other profession! In this article, we’ll discuss some of the ways to treat – and not treat – the dancers as well as the management and staff during your strip club visit.

Hands Off…?

Not only do the clubs have specific rules about where you can and can’t touch a dancer, but the dancers themselves have their own limitations above and beyond what the club mandates. Always ask a dancer before you touch them anywhere (unless they move your hands to a part of their body, in which case go with it!) and definitely NEVER touch between their legs, which is a universal no-no at virtually every club. If you are unsure about these things you need to read our First timers guide to Strip clubs.

Tipping the dancers are expected in a Gentlemens club.

A dancer’s main job isn’t to dance, it’s to separate you from your money… whether that comes from conversation at the bar, tips, private dances or some alone time in the champagne room. There are two instances when tipping is an unwritten rule: when you’re sitting at the stage and when a dancer comes up to you. In the case of the latter, if a dancer comes by and either asks for a tip or extends her underwear out for you to put a dollar in, tip at least one dollar. You don’t have to tip more, but you do need to be courteous to her entertainment even when not dancing specifically for you.

Strip Club Etiquette and Manners table dance

A dancer’s main job isn’t to dance, it’s to separate you from your money… whether that comes from conversation at the bar, tips, private dances or some alone time in the champagne room.

Declining a table Dance is not so easy..

The biggest money-maker for a dancer and a part of the Economics in Strip clubs. Is certainly the private dance rooms, which can earn a dancer well over $100 per hour. The second biggest is private dances, which set the customer back around $20 on average, of which the dancer will make roughly half depending on the club. This being said, any good dancer will always try to take you back for a private dance! If you aren’t interested in the particular dancer, DO NOT be rude and blow them off. Either politely decline or make up something respectful, such as “I’m sorry, but I just got here and want to relax for a bit before a dance” or “I’m sorry, but I’m waiting for another dancer” and follow up with a tip to show that their time was valuabe to you.

The Staff deserves the highest respect and treatment.

Always remember that you are the guest and the dancers and management are the hosts. While you want to be respectful to the dancers, remember that the staff – the bouncers, bartenders and managers – are there to make sure everybody is safe, following the rules and having a good time. Always treat the staff with respect even when you don’t agree with them. If you don’t like how you are being treated, leave and file a complaint later. A confrontation never can end well for the patron. Also, while you’re never expected to tip anyone besides the dancers and bartenders, sending a few dollars to a staff member who treated you well may be the key to special “VIP” treatment during this or a future visit.

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