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Gentlemen clubs in Prague

February 8, 2017

Gentlemen Clubs in Prague

Gentlemen Clubs in Prague; Prague is the capital of the Czech Republic and in the last few years, visitor number have exploded to the city. A combination of cheap alcohol, cheap flights and beautiful women, means that men arrive in droves to enjoy the nightlife. Mainly for stag parties, either independently or on organised tours, or for a boys weekend away, mainly from the UK, and there are many willing participants in the strip clubs in Prague.

Gentlemen clubs in Prague work on the ‘Champagne system‘. The girls sell drinks and lap dances and there is an expectation for customers to take part. This can come as a surprise to British customers when they are paying 6 times the amount for a drink for a dancer. A lot of the time, this is the first time they have seen this system so disputes can occur. There are an array of club styles from high end venues to smaller, rougher places. Most of the clubs have nude girls doing stage shows on rotation. Some venues are cabaret style with real showmanship. Entertainers proficient in Burlesque, Silks and Lyra’s perform alongside the pole dancers and podium dancers.

Dancers in Gentlemen clubs in Prague

Prostitution is legal in the Czech Republic. Pimping and brothels are not. Authorities will  turn a blind eye such issues the majority of the time. Ultimately, you will find massage parlours and sex shows alongside the more traditional strip clubs. As a result of this law not being a priority for officials, there are many clubs and girls that offer more than a lap dance. Consequently, care should be taken when trying to visit or work one of these venues with no research as you may end up in an awkward situation.

The Czech Republic mainly attracts girls from Eastern Europe. Girls from neighbouring Slovakia will work in the strip clubs in Prague as the languages are very similar and it is very accessible. The Czech koruna is a very weak currency compared to western European currencies such as the Euro, the Pound, the Swiss Franc and all of the Scandinavian Krones. Tourists are attracted to the cheap prices, however, for western dancers, earning at these rates is not viable to pay bills in their home countries.

Locations of Gentlemen clubs in Prague

Strip clubs in the Czech Republic are predominantly located in Prague. This because it is the centre for tourism in the Czech Republic. Strip clubs are everywhere, catering for the stag parties and holiday makers:-

Information about Prague

Out of the 10.5million inhabitants of the Czech Republic, 1.2 million people live in Prague. Over 6 million tourists arrive each year. Consequently, you can see where a lot of the clients for strip clubs in Prague come from. Prague is famous for it’s partying and you can find that beer is often cheaper than water! Therefore, it is a great place to go celebrate and party, especially if you are on a budget. Budgets are not ideal in strip clubs in Prague, but money goes a lot further so many tourists will experiment.



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