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    Guide and advice to the best Strip clubs in Newquay.

    Strip clubs in Newquay work on the 'lap dance system'. Strippers working here pay a house fee or percentage to the club and the rest of their earning they keep for themselves. There is dancing on stage but only topless and not in all clubs. The gentlemen's clubs are very fast paced here. The demographic and system dictates this. It mainly runs on single dances priced at £20 for 3 minutes, prices go up for VIP shows.

    Touching is not acceptable due to the strict licensing laws in the UK. Strip clubs in Newquay have dancers mainly local dancers, but also from the rest of Europe. The pound is a strong currency so it works well for any girls within the EU.Newquay is a tourist resort well known for partying. It is in Cornwall, England. Newquay is popular with stag parties and young people on holidays. Cornwall is one of the most beautiful parts of the UK with fantastic beaches and great surf. Many people travel in on surfing trips dependant on the season and there are many bars and clubs to cater for this crowd as well as the party goers. Strip clubs in Newquay are geared up for a young, fast audience.

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