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    510 Windermere rd, Morningside Durban, KwaZulu-Natal
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Guide and advice to the best Strip Clubs in Durban.

Durban is the third most populous urban municipality in South Africa after Cape Town and Johannesburg. It is the largest city in the KwaZulu-Natal province. Durban is also the second most important manufacturing hub in the country after Johannesburg. Durban is famous for having the busiest port in South Africa and is also one of the major tourism centres due to it's subtropical climate and extensive beaches. There are almost 3.5 million people living here, making it one of the largest cities on the African Indian Ocean coast. The highest number of dollar millionaire growth in the country occurs in Durban, with the amount rising 200% between 2000 and 2014. The economy centres around manufacturing, tourism, finance and government. the coastal location and port is very advantageous for export related industries.

System of Strip Clubs in Durban

Strip clubs in Durban run on a combination of the 'champagne' and 'lap dance' systems. Clubs offer champagne commission as well as lap dance commission. However, fixed salaries are, rarely, offered. There is a level of focus on the stage and some require to do at least one elaborate, themed, full nude show per week. Dancers do topless stage performances on rotation and tipping is welcomed. Champagne commission encourages girls to start selling very quickly in proceedings. As they do not have wages, any time spent on the floor is for free. This also creates a sense of urgency for the dancers to sell so clients should be conscious of this. There are some very big clubs, with large numbers of girls. Therefore, it can competitive amongst dancers.

Legalities of Strip clubs in Durban

Clients expect a certain level of contact in private shows. Strip clubs in Durban often accommodate this. Some clubs allow girls to be booked out, for an extremely high fee. Dancers cannot work the club for the rest of the night so it has to be worth their while. This can often lead to prostitution outside the premises but strictly none on-site. Some clubs will allow full prostitution in the venue. Therefore, dancers and clients need to be cautious about where they choose to go. Prostitution is illegal in South Africa, due to the 1957 Sexual Offences Act. The authorities amended the act in 2007 to include the purchase of sex. However, it is very common throughout the country. Large amounts of corruption and a lot of poverty mean it is a very lucrative business, so not quashed or focused on by the authorities. Strip clubs are very expensive for many of the poorer parts of the population, consequently, they are mainly frequented by upper members of society and foreigners.

Types of dancers in Strip clubs in Durban

Dancers in Strip clubs in Durban come from variety of backgrounds. Poverty in the country leads some girls to pursue work in the industry. Conversely, South Africa's reputation as a spectacular tourist destination also attracts international dancers. These girls want to make money, enjoy their time and explore. South Africa is the gateway to some very beautiful, politically stable African countries with safari, adventure sports and hiking freely available. Due to South Africa's melting pot of cultures, girls of all shapes, sizes and colours can find a market. Unfortunately, the South African Rand does not convert highly to a lot of western currencies, however, the benefits of the location can outweigh the negatives for those girls. Including those not primarily focused on bring extreme amounts of money home, but happy to maintain a very luxurious lifestyle there. With English being a national language, this is sufficient in the clubs. Most will speak this, both dancers and clients.

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