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  • Ralph’s Place

    132 Main Street Dartmouth, Nova Scotia
    Ralph's Place Strip Club in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia

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Guide and advice to the best Strip clubs in Nova Scotia.

Strip clubs in Nova Scotia are sparsely available. They run on the 'lap dance system' whereby, dancers pay fees or percentages to the gentlemen's club and the rest of the money they keep. Commonly, lap dancing cubs in Nova Scotia also charge tip outs for the DJ and back of house. Drinks commission is not offered to the girls but there is one club that will pay a minimum wage on quiet day shifts. Dancers can end up out of pocket on a quiet night. As a result, there is a sense of urgency in the method of selling a dance.

Stage shows in strip clubs in Nova Scotia

Like the rest of Canada, feature performers fly in to do shows in the strip clubs in Nova Scotia. Girls also travel in due to the limited population size of the area. There are few, to no, international girls working due to changes in the visa laws for Canada. Strippers can no longer take contracts whilst on the working holiday visa program. There are reciprocal agreements in place between Canada and a number of countries, whereby 18-30 year olds can get a 1 year work visa. Authorities classify stripping as sex work and this is prohibited under the terms of the visa. Therefore, the pool is confined to girls with residency or citizenship.

Nova Scotia is Canada's second smallest province. However, with just under a million people residing there, it is also Canada's second most densely populated. Nova Scotia consists of the mainland and 3,800 coastal islands. The capital is Halifax.

The GDP per capita of the province is significantly lower than the national average and miles behind the leading province of Alberta. Due to it's geography, Nova Scotia's main industry relates to fisheries. Over-fishing in the North Atlantic has had a devastating impact and it has, in turn, affected the financial situations for the locals. Since the early 1990's many mills, factories and mines have closed down because of economic decline.

Offshore oil and gas mining has overtaken the previous mainstays of gypsum, salt, silica and peat extraction.

Agriculture is also an important industry and has been for many years. Tourism brings a significant amount of money, relatively speaking. 200,000 people can pass through the port of Halifax, per year on cruise ships. Overall, Nova Scotia is financially in a decline, however, there are many high earners within the oil and gas industry, leaving some opportunity for the strip clubs in Nova Scotia.

Legalities in Strip clubs in Nova Scotia

Prostitution is a grey area in Canada. Selling sex is legal, however, buying it isn't. Therefore, brothels cannot operate above board. Strip clubs in Canada work under conditions of license. Violating these conditions can result in the venue license being revoked and the club going out of business.

Therefore, this situation is monitored by the lap dancing club management. Nova Scotia has particularly strict laws and dancers are not allowed within three feet of the customer, either on stage or in a private show. This is strictly enforced and many girls will travel in to work these conditions that are the opposite to provinces such as Ontario, which allow heavy contact.

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