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Gentlemen Clubs in Aberdeen

March 7, 2017

Gentlemen Clubs in Aberdeen

Aberdeen is known as the oil capital of the UK. It is not a large city with only 212,000 people. With a location on the east coast of Scotland, it is the hub of the oil and gas industry for the country. Many manufacturing plants are located here so there is a huge number of workers and engineers present in the city. Aberdeen also has most of the heliports from which workers flying out to the rigs in the North Sea depart from. Rig workers are paid extremely high salaries. This anti-social and hazardous nature of their jobs impacts this. This means Gentlemen Clubs in Aberdeen has a serious captive audience with disposable cash. There has been a dip in Aberdeen gentlemen’s clubs in recent years due to the fluctuations in oil prices. However, there are still a good number of clients and dancers available.

Gentlemen Clubs in Aberdeen run in a style that is in direct correlation to the rest of the UK. The lap dancing clubs completely focus on private shows and VIP dances, not on Champagne sales and the more hostessing side. Dancers make all money in the private rooms or on table dances, not in the bar. Most of the clubs will have dancers going topless on stage for one or two songs. There are no tipping dollars that can be found elsewhere in the UK. Feature shows are non-existent.

Aberdeen is a competitive city for dancers, due to the relatively large number of clubs for such a small city. Gentlemen’s clubs rarely put a cap on the number of girls working due to the commission structure. Strippers will pay a ‘house fee’ or a commission so it is in the benefit of the business to have as many girls as possible. The rest is for the dancer to keep. It is of a fast pace due to a lot of customers being regularly in the city on their way to or from the rigs. Their contracts can run for weeks at a time so they are ready to spend when they get back on shore. Dances start at around £20.

Atmosphere and laws in Gentlemen Clubs in Aberdeen

Demotivated strippers will struggle to make money in Aberdeen. It is a more aggressive environment and management do not place pressure on girls to hit targets as they make money, regardless, in house fees. Girls compete with each other and it has the environment of a big city in strip clubs in Aberdeen.

Licensing laws do the allow for any touching or extras within the club. They are under very strict guidelines as a sex venue, not a normal alcohol license. This means that clubs have to remain above board in what they allow. It is now very difficult to obtain a license to operate a gentlemen’s club so strip clubs in Aberdeen have a lot to lose if they do not abide by this.

Locations of gentlemen’s clubs in Aberdeen

Aberdeen has seven clubs in total, all located in the centre of the city. This includes a branch of the Scottish chain, Private Eyes. Finally, there is also Silhouette’s and Number 7.

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