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Strip Clubs, proof that there is a Goddess!

August 26, 2020

When my knees and ankles loudly informed me I was no longer going to be a deep sea marine engineer I knew what I wanted to do with the rest on my life. I wanted to write at least one mystery novel and probably more than one. And of course I wanted it to reflect my point of view which seems to be a little different then the majority of folks living here on our big blue trailer park.

Author Angus Vieira

I have led a long and lively life with plenty of opportunities to have it come to an abrupt end one way or another starting with a couple tours as a Marine med-vac gunner/mechanic in Vietnam that taught me that the adults in charge of the world, most of them white men were no smarter than I was and might not be able to find their ass with either hand or they wouldn’t have let things get this murderously out of control.

This pissed me off in a way that I’m quite sure would have been called PTSD if I felt like asking or listening to the answer, but my self medicating regimen involving quarts of Ripple Red Wine started to annoy some of my home town friends because it meant I would pass out hours before the last drop of hilarity had been rung from the evening, so they introduced me to LSD and things started to make a little more sense.

A made a few, not many but non-negotiable, rules for my personal employment opportunities.

I did not want to kill people for money or have to wear a uniform that included wearing a special funny hat. If you think about it for a while that actually knocks a lot of occupations of the list, but it left me quite a number of ways to stay busy, make some money and even more importantly getting me into situations where I could learn the kinds of things most people do not write books about.

I have been fairly successful as a taxi cab owner/driver, apartment house landlord, poet, sculptor, salesman, and the one that made me enough money to take a month off now and then to follow the Grateful Dead for a while, or spend part of a summer living in a nudist camp in Texas, or Arizona, or Washington State. That being Marine Engineer on union manned deep sea ships flying the U.S. Flag. That took me all around the world several times and gave me a lot of girl friends in the sex entertainment industry in lots of different countries.

I learned a lot and had a lot of sea time to think about what I had learned. Also, after many adventures involving a lot of world travel and myriad sexual adventures, eventually I would write at least one mystery novel.

Just so my unique point of view doesn’t melt back into the cosmic meatloaf when I die, and if you look at the books people continue to read long after the author has boarded the Ghost Train and chugged off into ‘the artifice of eternity, a lot of the long lived favorites, not pertaining to be dictated by one or another version of god, are mystery adventure stories. And they are also the most fun to write. If you don’t believe me just go ask Gilgamesh. So far I have written three and published two with the third book in the ‘Murder’ series waiting, frankly, for me to generate some interest in the series.

These days about one million books are published every year. Why read mine and what makes them just a little different you may ask.

And I am going to tell you, but please note my mystery noir novels have very little boring exposition, unlike this article that is all about me answering questions I wish the fuck someone would ask me.

When I graduated from High School I moved into a suburban house in Eastgate Washington and we proceeded to party hearty for about three months, blithely assured by our own youthful hubris that no one would ever notice or didn’t care, and then the police raided the place and I was the only ‘resident’ there along with a few teenage friends, (I was 18 and one of my chums was still 17 and on leave from a youth center) so I got arrested for contributing to the delinquency etc. I was looking at 6 months in jail after which I would be a marginally employable 19 yo jailbird, or I could join the Marine Corp, yes only the USMC) and get the fuck out’a town headed for Vietnam. That actually sounded interesting and so that’s what I did.

In short I was guilty of liking beer and having sex with women about my age, so they made me go join an organization that would teach me how to do that on a world class scale.

I was a very apt pupil. So I have eaten, slept, danced, fucked, talked, laughed, fallen in love with many of the ladies who lived, laughed loved and, oh yes fucked all over the world. I do not regret a dollar or a minute of that part of my life, even the tough, strange and dangerous parts taught me things I needed to learn just for the sake of my own karma, and oh yah, to make those books I wanted to write even more interesting.

Here’s a question for you. What is the last criminalized adult, consensual sexual act, there is only one. That’s right, sex for money. Why is that? What business is it of the government who consenting adults fuck or for what reason? Let’s say a young adult woman learns how to shape and clean finger nails and charges lawyers, say, 50$ for a manicure, everything is fine, but if she moves her focus down his body and manipulates his penis until he ejaculates the she is going to have to give that $50 to another lawyer giving her a hand staying out of jail.

Why are so many societies willing to pay grown up men good wages to continue this abridgment of human conduct?

Obviously because this conduct is Sin Full. Just a word or two about the bible here, not the full rant, for that I recommend a book like Lucien Gregoire’s ‘Is Heaven for real?’, but there is not a single one of the documents and stories by at least fifty different authors that was written less than three hundred years after the events supposedly depicted. A lot of stuff can happen in three hundred years, even before the internet.

One thing all these authors seem to agree on is that man is The Man, and women are just some sort of handy lesser creature put close at hand by an indulgent deity to help the man make his species the dominant life form on the planet and assure him that anything he wanted to do was OK as long as he did not give equal rights to these females, and of course keep the dominant political people in power.

In short women were never to be trusted with control of their sexuality because that would upset the breeding program.

But while the ‘spiritual leaders’ were completely against women being in control of their own reproductive rights they obviously ‘borrowed’ a lot of a women’s reproductive organs, where the only real miracle I know about, the making of a brand new individual human being, takes place. A women’s vagina and uterus have a lot in common with the lay out of a Christian temple, right down to the rectory around back where the food gets prepared. This was the layout of the Temple of Venus before Christianity appropriated it of course, and that was a shameless and fervid worship of the miracle that is Motherhood. Christianity took away the magick and all the power they could from the females, but they kept the building which was probably cost effective and certainly sneaky.

Obviously I have been waiting for someone like StripClubGuide to ask me about me books for a few years now and might have gotten a bit long winded on the subject but I hope you leave this article at least thinking about making all consensual adult sex work/art legal.

I hope that the next time you feel like stopping in a Christian Church and dropping a couple of bucks in the offering box, why not try and take that save reverent attitude to a strip club and put them on a tip rail and see which one really make for a more uplifting experience.

And you might like the books I write too. You can buy them direct from me right here. Thank you sincerely for your attention.

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