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Gentlemen clubs in Greece

January 31, 2017

Gentlemen clubs in Greece

Gentlemen clubs in Greece vary hugely in style, demographic and girls. Greece, especially in the coastal regions and around the islands, are very popular tourist destinations all year round. A huge number of expats move there permanently from countries such as the UK and Germany.

Summer holidays are very busy. Winter invites many looking to escape the cold climates of northern Europe for some winter sun. Party destinations, such as Kavos, on the island of Corfu, and Rhodes, attract revellers from all over the globe. Consequently, there are many people of all ages with disposable cash passing through and the correct timing and research can make things consistent in strip clubs in Greece. The groups on these party islands, tend to be younger guys. This translates to clubs being of a fast pace with many small dances being achieved. The cities cater for the VIP style, with more sit downs and bottles being sold.

Dances are a lot cheaper here in line with the cost of living being a lot lower than other places in Europe. It doesn’t convert to great money for dancer’s coming from countries further North and West in Europe. As a result, many of the dancer’s come from the Mediterranean and Eastern countries, especially countries like Romania. This is especially true in the capital of Athens and the second city Thessaloniki. The islands do attract a larger variation of dancers, seeking some sun and the lifestyle.

What to expect in Gentlemen clubs in Greece

Prostitution is not legal in Greece and like other Mediterranean countries such as Spain and Italy, it does go on in a number of the clubs. Touching is often allowed and the privates shows go a lot further than countries with tight regulations. For example, the UK and Norway. As with other countries with more relaxed laws, care must be taken by both dancers and patrons to ensure they end up in the right venue for them. In the major cities, dancer’s need to have a knowledge of Greek as a high proportion of clientele are locals. The islands have a lot more of an international crowd, so English is sufficient.

Locations of Gentlemen clubs in Greece

Athens, the capital has:-

Thessaloniki, Greece’s second largest city has:-

The islands have:-

Outside of these places:-

Information about Greece

Greece has a population of 10.8 million which is not a huge amount compared to other European countries. What it makes up for is the huge number of visitors that come the country each year for beaches, beautiful landscape, cheap alcohol and a busy nightlife. There were 25 million visitors in 2015 (source). The cost of living here is a lot lower than elsewhere in the EU and, whilst that is another major draw for the tourists, it makes it less appealing for the dancers wanting to earn. Greece is, however, a very beautiful country, and if dancers can find a club that works for them, then the lifestyle is something to envy.


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