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Welcome to the best Strip Club Guide for Europe, find your favourite Gentleman club here, read reviews and contact clubs directly through this page. We do our best to keep this list correct and we do not list clubs that doesn’t have a web or Facebook site.


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  • DIVA SHOWBAR Featured


    Rua Bernardo Lima nº 18 1150-076 Lisbon
    Diva Show Bar is a unique concept of art and seduction that has existed since the early nineteenth century, where…
  • Gentlemen’s Club Kakadu – es el mayor Strip club en Europa oriental! Featured

    Gentlemen’s Club Kakadu – es el mayor Strip club en Europa oriental!

    Lviv: Str. Lychakivska 3
    Gentlemen's Club Kakadu - es el mayor Strip club en Europa oriental! Ucrania tiene un rico patrimonio genético en la…
  • Kakadu – Club Featured

    Kakadu – Club

    Kharkov Str. Rimarskaya 19
    Gentlemen's Club Kakadu - es el mayor Strip club en Europa oriental! Ucrania tiene un rico patrimonio genético en la…


    Lönnrotinkatu19 a ,00120 Helsinki
    Looking for strip tease in Helsinki? Or just some excitement in the Helsinki night life? In need of a place…


    54 Belgrave Avenue, Congleton
    Professional Exotic Dancers For Gentleman's Clubs Welcome to Showgirls International! We are one of the only female led international stripper recruitment agencies…
  • LEGS 11 CHINATOWN Featured


    30 Ladywell Walk Chinatown Birmingham B5 4ST
    Legs 11 Chinatown is a regular destination for leading TV celebrities and sports personalities. Since 1996 , Legs 11 has…
  • LEGS 11 BROAD STREET Featured


    193-194 Broad Street Birmingham, Birmingham B15 1AY United Kingdom
    Legs 11 Broad Street is a regular destination for leading TV celebrities and sports personalities. Since 1996 , Legs 11…


    Nørregade 43, 1165 Copenhagen
    Step into Mirage and allow us to make your visit unforgettable. In our Gentlemen’s Club, located just a short walk…
  • 23 PAUL STREET Featured


    23 Paul Street London, EC2A 4JU
    23 Paul Street are a strip tease club for only the most discerning of rogues and rascals, steeped in a murky heritage…


    Skippergaten 21 Oslo Norway
    String Showbar is one of the oldest existing Strip clubs in Oslo, we started our Strip club in Skippergaten 21…


  • Zavist Gentleman Bar

    St.Petersburg, Griboedova nab. 17  3
    Zavist Gentleman Bar
    perfect12345 quote I was in there then i'll visit it again when i returen to russia.It doesn't metter which season of the year,there is a good perfomance every day.
    2 days ago
  • Zavist Gentleman Bar

    St.Petersburg, Griboedova nab. 17  3
    Zavist Gentleman Bar
    gitarist_trk quote They greet with a smile and share their love. Our bar menu has only the only the best beverages, French wines, delicious cocktails, and starters. About girls,i cant find a word for this they are very hot and super. They have just adout games too.Dancers are ready to perform the hottest and most spectacular shows from the Entertainment Menu.They will captivate you and send into a euphoric trance when they will indulge you in an endless sensual journey. Each Bar will greet you with a unique selection of Crazy-Menu, Private Dance options, and many more exciting surprises!
    on August 1, 2017

    zgoda 11 street Warsaw, Mazowieckie 00-018 Poland  2
    Patrick quote I can definitely recommend this place for every men! It is classy, elegant and safe. Their restaurant is incredible, the staff very nice and drinks delicious. And of course their amazing dancers - beautiful and so talented! In my opinion it is the best club in the entire Warsaw!
    on July 27, 2017


Strip Clubs in Europe

Europe has a vide variety of Strip Clubs, from the smallest Clubs with only a bar and a few tables with 3 girls dancing. To big exclusive high end Gentlemen’s Clubs with some amazingly beautiful and talented dancers who performed  choreographed shows. These clubs can have over a 100 girls working pr night.

Each country has there own style and type of clubs. England has adapted an American style of Strip Clubs, where the main attraction is girls posing on the stage rather then dancing and then they sell Lap Dances and sit downs when they are not on stage.

Most other European Countrys have clubs where the girls are Stripping on stage and then they can join you on your table if you buy Champagne from the bar. Then  you can party with the dancers and they will keep you with company in a private room. You can also buy private Strip Shows, where the girls will be stripping in the club on your table or in the private room. These clubs are also often called champagne clubs.

In Strip Club Guide you will find Gentleman Clubs in European Countries.Strip Clubs in England are inspired by the American Lapdancing club system, the clubs are often big and there is a high number of dancers who are ready to approach you in the moment you step through the door. The will normally do a lap dance from 5 – 10 punds pr dance.

Sweden is the only country in Europe where the Gentlemen clubs are actually not allowed to sell alcohol, in these clubs you can get private shows or posing shows as they call them there. The shows are often more sexual, but there is no touching and in some clubs the show is being done behind a glass window.

You can buy non alcoholic drinks, like beer and sparkling wine that looks like Champagne and have company with the girls on your table. Sweden is as mentioned above the only country where you can’t get alcohol and it that way it makes it stand out from the rest of Europe in the way they organise things in the club. The focus is a lot more on selling the private strip shows, since this is where the girls make there income from.

One of the fascinating things about Gentleman Clubs in Europe is the diversity between the different countries, each country has its own style and type of clubs.

Top 5 European Strip Clubs Countries:

Here we have listed the top 5 countries in Europe when it comes to the number of Strip Clubs. In Strip Club Guide we do our best to keep the best updates on clubs and also to keep the list to only Strip Clubs. We do not list clubs that doesn’t have a website or Facebook site, still we cannot take any responsibility for the actually facts we present.

Nr 1. Strip Clubs in England. England has the highest number of Gentlemens or Lap dancing clubs which its also called there, you could say that its the Strip Club capital of Europe, in we have listed over 100 clubs that we think its worth listing, there could be more. London has of course the highest number of Gentlemen Clubs in England and here you will find some really exclusive high class clubs, these places are well known for also having world famous celebrities visiting them. Some of these clubs are American well known Strip Club brands that have established themselves in the UK.

Nr 2. Strip Clubs in Germany. Germany is number 2 and they are a lot lower in the number of strip clubs compared to england and thats interesting because Germany is populated with over 80 mill people so its the biggest country in the EU and still they are so fare behind, we have listet only a bit more than 30 Strip Clubs in Germany. The clubs here varies a lot in quality, from simple small clubs with hardly any professional stage shows to some big American influenced clubs with great choreographed shows and both male an female dancers. This makes the Gentlemen clubs in Germany stand out from most other countries in Europe.

Nr 3. Strip Clubs in Italy. Italy is just under Germany in the number of clubs, here you will find a different style again. The clubs are based on commission from drinks and private shows and the often host Italian porn stars to be the main attraction in the club. This will of course also influence the sexual level on the shows, both on stage and in the private. Italian strip clubs are known for being more sexual in the style of shows than other clubs in Europe.

Nr 4. Strip Clubs in Czech Republic. We have listed Just under 20 clubs here. Strip Clubs in Czech Republic and especially in Prague is a popular destination for Stag Party`s. They have a wide variety of of high class Gentlemen Clubs. With great cabaret style stage performances and taxi service to take you to the club for free.

Nr 5. Strip Clubs in Greece. Just under Czech Republic in the number of clubs. Greece has some very interesting Gentlemen Clubs concepts in Athens, with big stages like theatres and VIP rooms. In the holiday destinations you will find more basic Strip Clubs that are very seasonal depended. Striptease has always been popular in Greece and the strip club scene is often changing with new clubs while others are closing down.

The history of European Strip Clubs.

The strip clubs in Europe the way we know them today is inspired from America where it started in the 80`s and Table Dancing clubs. This was first brought to Europe in to England in the 90`s where they created the gentlemen Clubs concept we see today.

A lot of the clubs you find around in Europe has got there inspiration from the big Gentlemen Clubs in England, but still with a difference in the working system so that its fitted to work in a smaler scale with fewer visitors for smaler cities. The upscale Gentlemen Clubs with the Lap dancing concept needs a high volume of customers to be able to work. Here you will find a high number of strippers and the club is depending on that to function.

The smaler clubs in other European countries needs to have a higher spending amount pr customers, since they have fewer of them.