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Gentlemen clubs in Dublin

February 5, 2017

Gentlemen clubs in dublin

Gentlemen clubs in Dublin number relatively few and most are located in the capital city of Dublin. The Irish are known for being the life and the soul of the party, so many people flock to this city to enjoy the ‘craic’ as it is affectionately known. Dublin is full of tourist and locals alike, looking to let loose and have a good time. It is also a very popular stag party destination closer to home for the Brits.

Gentlemen clubs in Dublin work very similarly to the UK system. Single dances costing from about €30 are very popular and the dancers can stack up many short dances, working quickly than trying to get a lot of money in one hit. This faster pace can work because of the numbers of people passing through the clubs. There are many options to play the numbers game, rather than having to grab one customer. Clubs obviously still offer a VIP option where the longer the time booked the cheaper the price per minute. Some will offer Champagne commission, though not all. Prostitution is very much illegal so you will not find ‘extras’ going on. The dancers and clubs will generally not accept touching.

Dancers in strip clubs in Dublin often come from other parts of Europe, especially countries like Poland, Romania and Czech Republic. Many people in the country have had very limited contact with the industry. Consequently, attitudes to striptease in Ireland means there is still a real stigma attached to the industry. As a result of this, local girls can be deterred from getting involved in the job. That is not to say you will not find Irish dancers when you visit a strip club in Ireland, but a large number will be from overseas. Dublin is a very cosmopolitan city so is a little more modern thinking and you will find local girls working there.

Locations of Gentlemen clubs in Dublin

Dublin has a large number of head offices and business travellers. It is also a very popular stag party and tourist destination. Strip clubs in Dublin include:-

Information about Dublin

In 2015, Ireland only had a relatively small population of 4.6 million people (source). 530,000 of these people live in Dublin. There were over 8 million visitors to Ireland the same year so there is a massive amount of traffic flow, with a huge increase of budget airline carriers creating new routes to keep up with demand (source). A very high proportion of these visitors will be stag parties and groups of guys on a weekend away, especially from the UK. It is a very popular destination for this with it’s abundance of breweries, lively nightlife and the famous ‘Temple Bar’.

Apparently, you are never more than 100m from a pub in Dublin. This illustrates why so many people want to visit to experience the party and drink the Guiness. Consequently, there always are a lot of potential customers in the city and strip clubs in Ireland can be a lot of fun!

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