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Gentlemen Clubs in the Northwest Territories

August 2, 2017

 Gentlemen Clubs in the Northwest Territories

The Northwest territories is, as the name suggests, a territory in Canada. This is, as opposed, to a province. The difference between a territory and province is how the area is regulated by the government. Provinces share power with the federal government, legal changes in territories can be solely carried out by the federal government.  The capital of the Northwest Territories is Yellowknife, which houses the northernmost Gentlemen Clubs in Canada. It is the second largest territory by area and the largest by population with 44,000 people living there. Though there is a relatively small population, the itinerant workers and the remote location of the lap dancing clubs there means Gentlemen Clubs in the Northwest Territories attract a stream of dancers chasing the high earnings. Natural resources in the area include gold, diamonds, natural gas and petroleum. The territory has the highest GDP per capita in the whole of the country. However, in recent times, many mines have closed and this has affected employment and the economy.

Gentlemen Clubs in the Northwest Territories have attracted high numbers of dancers for many years. It is known for being extremely lucrative. This does come at a cost as there are many amenities not available, due to the remoteness of the locations. Therefore, girls will fly in on a two week contract, work extremely hard and then take a break afterwards. The gentlemen’s clubs run on the ‘lap dance system‘ and dancers make commission purely from tips and private shows. No drinks commission or fixed salary is offered. The strip clubs can get very busy with workers on their breaks during their shift patterns so very little time is waste. Dancer’s will lose a lot of money if they work for free on the club floor.

Stage shows in gentlemen’s clubs in the Northwest Territories

Club dancers encourage patrons to tip during their stage shows. Generally, the more a client tips, the more attention he gets from the stage. Lap dancing clubs will also have feature performers that fly in to do elaborate shows. These shows are themed and the dancers will often do special tricks such as fire breathing, hoop, a high level of pole work or other aerial arts such as silks. Many feature performers have high profiles as a result of editorial work or competitions. As they receive a fixed wage, they don’t focus on the tips to the same degree.  The clubs in the territories have exclusivity with agents and this is often the best and easiest way to secure contracts.

Legalities of Gentlemen Clubs in the Northwest Territories

Brothels are illegal throughout Canada, due to the countries slightly conflicting prostitution laws. Selling sex isn’t illegal, but buying it is, effectively making the transaction risky for the client. Therefore the Gentlemen Clus in the Northwest Territories do not allow this. The clubs go further and do not allow any contact whatsoever between dancer and client. Dancers will hover over the customer. This is a territory wide legislation and enforced by the authorities.

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