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Gentlemen clubs in Ireland

November 25, 2016

Gentlemen clubs in ireland

There are a relatively small number of Gentlemen clubs in ireland. This is due to the fact the Catholic church still has huge sway over the legal system. It is very conservative in many respects. Clubs and dancers are in limited supply, so this does mean that there is a lot of traffic through the strip clubs in Ireland relative to dancer and club numbers. Especially from the large number of visitors that travel here every year.

Dances in Gentlemen clubs in Ireland start at around €30 and it is very normal to do a lot of smaller dances, similar to the UK system. Lap dances are more popular in strip clubs in Ireland. Clubs will offer Champagne commissions and VIP sit down prices as well. Extra services are not provided within clubs as soliciting is illegal. Pole shows are on rotation through the night and feature shows are virtually non-existent.

Clubs tend to offer dancers a fixed salary and around 50% commission to dancers. As a result, they keep dancer numbers fairly low. Strip clubs in Ireland have a system that embraces the European style of strip clubs with fixed salaries and higher commission. However, the working environment is very similar to UK style strip clubs. This makes strip clubs in Ireland a little different to other countries.

Dancers in Gentlemen clubs in Ireland tend to come from other parts of Europe, especially the East. Many people in the country have had very limited contact with the industry. Therefore, attitudes to dancing throughout Ireland mean there is still a stigma attached. This is especially true outside of Dublin, a more cosmopolitan city. Local girls can be deterred, as a result, from getting involved in the job. That is not to say you will not find Irish dancers when you visit a strip club in Ireland, but a significant proportion will be from overseas.

Locations of Gentlemen clubs in ireland

Dublin has a large number of head offices and business travellers. It is also a very popular stag party and tourist destination. Strip clubs in Ireland are mainly located here, such as Club Lapello, Angels and The Barclay Club. Galway has Le Paradise, Cork has The Great Escape and Secrets and there is a club in Waterford.

Information about Ireland

In 2015, Ireland only had a relatively small population of 4.6 million people (source). Although very small compared to a lot of other European countries, the very small number of strip clubs means there is quite a low ratio of strip clubs in Ireland to people. There were over 8 million visitors to Ireland the same year so there is a huge amount of passing traffic, with a huge increase of airline carriers servicing the country to keep up with demand (source). A very high proportion of these visitors will be stag parties. It is a very popular destination for this with it’s abundance of breweries and lively nightlife. Famous drinking attractions such as ‘Temple Bar’ and the Guiness brewery set the tone for many trips to the country. This means there are a lot of potential clients regularly about to keep the strip clubs busy!

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