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Gentlemen Clubs in Paris

February 6, 2017

Gentlemen Clubs in Paris

Gentlemen Clubs in Paris; Paris has a variety of nude entertainment. From international chains such as Penthouse and Stringfellow’s, to the world famous Crazy Horse show and the Moulin Rouge. Paris is a major worldwide tourist destination and a fashion centre. Chanel, DiorGivenchy,  Hermès and Louis Vuitton are just a handful of the luxurious fashion houses synonymous with Paris. The super wealthy will visit just for the new seasons offerings. Combined with tourism, business and the high net worth of a reasonable number of locals, it is possible to make good money in the Gentlemen Clubs in Paris

Gentlemen Clubs in Paris runs on the ‘lap dance system‘. Girls make all of their money on table dances or private shows, dependent on what the specific club offer, as venues do not pay commission on drinks. Parisian clubs have large numbers of dancers, similar to the UK and USA, with no fixed salary offered. The venues are normally large. Strip clubs in France have high standards for girls in line with the culture and expectations of women. English is expected as a primary language in strip clubs in Paris, though obviously French is very beneficial.

Attitudes to Gentlemen Clubs in Paris

With Christian Louboutin as the artistic director of the Crazy Horse Show,  there is indication of a certain level of acceptance. However, contrary to this situation, strip clubs are controversial. Whilst The Crazy Horse and Moulin Rouge are hugely popular tourist draws, attracting both men and women, strip clubs in France are generally not very socially acceptable. Paris is a very cosmopolitan city, which would more than likely impact the differing perceptions. A lot of French believe there is no difference between stripping and full prostitution. Paris is where the main concentration of strip clubs in the country occur. Many dancers travel in from outside France and you will find dancers from all over Western and Eastern Europe. Paris is renowned as a romantic, historical, must-see city and there will always be girls that wish to visit as well as clients.

Prostitution was legal in France until April, 2016. Running and owning brothels and pimping was not. This did not mean prostitution necessarily occurred within Parisian strip clubs. Now it is illegal, clubs are strictly dancing and there is minimal contact with the showgirls so the industries are kept separate.

Locations of Gentlemen Clubs in Paris and city information.

As previously mentioned, there are branches of The Penthouse Club and Stringfellow’s in Paris. Both of these are located just off the world famous. Champs Elysees. Also in this area is Pink Paradise, a very large, well know club amongst dancers.

Out of the 67 million people that live in France, 2 million live in Paris. The Gare de Nord is the busiest rail station in Europe, such it the volume of visitors going through the city each day. The Eiffel Tower, The Arc de Triomphe and The Lourve are just three of the landmarks Paris is famous for. There are around 10 film and commercial shots going on in the city on any one day, indicating the aesthetic beauty of the surroundings. This beauty and the culture is what keeps the nearly 90 million people arriving each year and making France, as a whole, the most popular tourist destination in the world. Strip clubs in Paris are never short of fresh and new faces!

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